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Cassie P.  - San Antonio, TX - Yelp

Being from Texas I'm pretty versed in smoked brisket. This place gives many places back home a run for their money! Good smoke ring, great flavor and they just added potato salad to the menu. The only thing missing is the pickles and onions, but the food is so good I'll keep coming back. Don't leave with out trying their cornbread or strawberry shortcake!!! Like a little piece of southern heaven here in Ohio.

Nick D. - Eleria, OH - Yelp

If you live around here and don't eat every meal here the days they're open, you're not living right. This food is amazing! The brisket was perfect, mac & cheese was on point, and the seasoning was excellent! The price is extremely fair for the amazing food you get and not to mention Denise is the sweetest lady I've ever met. Get here now!



Susan U - Washingtom D.C. - Facebook

Hands down the best brisket sandwich I've ever had and I'm from Virginia! Generous sides and great prices. Owners were extremely friendly and kind. Definitely coming back.


David C., Oceanside, CA  — Yelp

Awesome food. I order two pulled pork sandwiches w/ mac & Cheese, one w/ bake beans. A beef brisket w/the trimmings. Last but not least a full rack of baby back ribs. The sides are really good especially the bb's. Ribs are the best I've had in town yet. In my opinion the Brisket stole the day with it ample portion of melt in your mouth lean meat w/a complimenting amount of traditional BBQ sauce.


Lori P - Trip Advisor

We've ate here several times and its always great! Had family from TX in May and more family up from NC in Aug and got it for them. They know BBQ and said it was great. Pork and brisket is not grisly and always moist. Meat falls off the ribs. Call ahead to have them put some back because when they're gone, they're gone for the day. I tried their Carolina sauce and the regular. Carolina was vinegary and runny, preferred the regular. Think they have a hot sauce also. The sides are great tasting too. Not normally a fan of anything banana tasting, but their banana pudding is delicious. They're supposed to be moving inside the building on the lot where their trailer is located soon.


Chef William Cornelius — Facebook Review

I was introduced to Smokin' Bros BBQ at the International Wine FEST and I don't know what I found more delicious the BBQ or the family that served it! In 30 years of cookin', I been in the company of some darn good BBQ foods but the Coy family they are rubbin' it right! Ribs and chicken fall off the bone fantastic and if you seek them for nothing other than a side of cole slaw -N-BBQ beans, you are having a great day. If you are anywhere near where they are bbqin' it "Low-n-Slow" find them. Enjoy, Chef William Cornelius


Chris Alonso — Facebook

Today we tried Smokin Bros bbq for first time. I've traveled United States and lived in Texas, so I'm very picky about bbq. I've had numerous bbq from all over ohio, and Smokin Bros is the best !


GreenLantern, Brunswick, OH - Trip Advisor 

Liked everything, best brisket I have had in a restaurant in Ohio. It is actually a food truck in a parking lot, but they are moving inside the building soon. Great food, excellent service from the couple, Incredible BBQ beans and Mac and cheese, don't miss this place. Simply great


Autumn, Stow, OH - Trip Advisor

Love this BBQ mobile place. We attended the Ohio reformatory tat in the clink event this weekend and had BBQ at this vendor. OMG was this pulled pork amazing and their invention of The Cup was really good. I highly recommend the Smokin Bros BBQ when you can and say hi to the owners, Dan & Denise Coy who are very friendly and service oriented.


Robert Fisher, OH - Google Reviews

This is the best BBQ I have had in 15 years. The meat is perfectly cooked and the regular sauce has a nice zing to it. The beans are great with the meats chunks in it. I like to add a little Jalapeno sauce to the mac and cheese. Need a quick lunch try the BBQ sundae which has a great flavor and all the textures mixed together. We Love Smokin Bros you will not be disappointed and the service from Drew, Dan and Denise is always friendly and I leave smiling because I got to catch up with our friends and I have a bag of goodies that taste so great!

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